Amazing paid subscription service.


United states
A.Free return
Enjoy free return service during your membership period.

B.Exclusive Offers
We offer CRERI PLUS exclusive coupons of 20%-40% OFF for you irregularly.

The other countries
A.50% return cost is covered by CRERI.
B.We offer CRERI PLUS exclusive coupons of 20%-40% OFF for you irregularly.


We will never allow any commercial activities or malicious return by using CRERI PLUS. If we find that you are prone to such behavior, we have rights to suspend your account and stop providing service for you.


How to subscribe CRERI PLUS?
You can click here to subscribe CRERI PLUS service.
The CRERI PLUS service will be associated with your account that you use to subscribe the service. If you check out as a guest, we will reach out you and assist you in creating an account.

How long is the subscription period valid for?
1 Year.

Can I cancel my CRERI PLUS service?
A.If you have never used any service provided by CRERI PLUS, including coupons, etc., within the validity period, we can cancel the service for you.
B.If you have used related services, including coupons, etc. within the validity period, unfortunately you will not be able to cancel the subscription.

Can I give my account to someone else to use?
No. You can’t. If we detect that you have made your account available to someone else, we will consider it to be a violation. And we will take actions in response, including but not limited to deactivating your account.

Can I change my CRERI PLUS service to another account? 
No. You can’t. Once a subscription service is associated with your account, it cannot be changed to another account.

If you still need help, please feel free to contact us.

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